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Dalmatian Sage Essential Oil 100% Pure, Salvia Officinalis - 10 ml

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Dalmatian Sage Essential Oil 100% Pure, Salvia Officinalis - 10 ml

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Invigorate your senses with the rich aroma of the Dalmatian Sage Oil. This powerful oil has many benefits for the skin, body, and mind, making it one of the most effective therapeutic oils.


Product Description

Yearning for the clear, smooth skin of your past? Women have to deal with this problem more than men and that’s why Aromatherapy Dalmatian Sage Oil was specially formulated to provide adequate protection against premature aging. The oil’s therapeutic effect isn’t too popular, though it’s handy in treating different kinds of ailments.

Who doesn’t like having a fresh, clear skin for life? The oil helps skin regeneration and is useful in treating scars and stretch marks, giving every woman the smooth skin they dream of. And the best news is that it’s not a dream anymore! Women will love this essential oil as it will ease any menopausal problems and will help treat female sterility. Not only that; you can easily get rid of muscular pain too.

Use the essential Oil for a relaxing massage or with aromatherapy lamps to help alleviate the mood and stimulate the senses. The experience will surely entice you and make you love the treatment. So get your bottle of Dalmatian Sage Oil now and indulge your senses.  

Active ingredient:

Sage Oil

How to use:

•    For external use only

•    Gently massage in circular massage movements

•    For application on skin, dilute 6 drops with 15 drops of carrier oil

•    For massage, dilute 15 drops of the oil per ounce with carrier oil

•    For aromatic diffuser, drop 10-15 drops in water, shake, and disperse

•    Can also be inhaled or diffused for a pleasant affect or to clear congestion

•    Dilute the oil with a carrier oil (preferable Grape Seed Oil) and apply to the body

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