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RoseBerry Liquid Soap with Goji Berry and Apple Extract 9.9 oz 290 ml

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RoseBerry Liquid Soap with Goji Berry and Apple Extract 9.9 oz 290 ml

Brand: Rose Berry Nature
Product Code: MPBG132
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Take your cleansing and bathing regime that extra mile with the sweet smelling deep cleansing RoseBerry Nature Liquid soap containing apple extract and Allantoin.


Product Description

If you want to enjoy a perfect spa like bath at home, better change your liquid soap.  Yes, a little thing can make a huge difference, and you are just about to discover it with RoseBerry Nature Liquid Soap.

What makes it so different?

Like every RoseBerry Nature product, this soap is made with love to care for your skin with the most benevolent lineup of natural ingredients. The liquid contains the cleaning powers of natural rose water that removes impurities and remnants of all the chemical products you expose your skin to.

It contains Goji Berry and Apple extract to provide deeper nourishment to the skin cells, expediting the process of cell regeneration. Not to mention, these two super ingredients also play their part in giving this soap a sweet and spellbinding fragrance that will enchant everyone around you and will last all day long.  

Finally, it answers the worst of your worries – over-dryness. This soap contains a highly hydrating mix of natural rose oil and allantoin, both known for its deep moisturizing capabilities. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it restores the elasticity your skin begins to lose with age.

So, if you want to get out of the bath tub feeling fresher and younger every time, make sure you have this amazing pump bottle by the tub side.

Active Ingredients:

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, goji berry extract, apple extract, allantoin

How to Use:

•    Turn the pump anti-clock wise and press

•    Take a handful of soap and apply on the skin

•    Massage on the skin all over hands and body to form a soft silky foam

•    Rinse thoroughly with warm water

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