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RoseBerry Eye Contour Serum with Blueberry Extract – 1.0 oz, 30 ml

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RoseBerry Eye Contour Serum with Blueberry Extract – 1.0 oz, 30 ml

Brand: Rose Berry Nature
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Enriched with Argan Oil, RoseBerry Eye Serum provides the extensive hydration and nutrition your sensitive area around the eyes needs on a weekly basis.


Product Description

Have you ever wondered why the area around your eyes shows signs of aging before any other part of your face? One reason is that the skin around the eyes tend to be different in terms of texture as well as strength. It is highly sensitive and thinner than other parts. It cannot retain as much moisture and elasticity. It is prone to more damage through chemicals and exposure to external elements. That is exactly why you need to go an extra mile to keep it nourished, hydrated, and moisturized. You need something more than a daily eye cream. You need to nourishment from natural sources. And that is exactly what we have captured in this serum.

Apart from the Goji Berry extract and rose water, this cream has two ultra hydrating ingredients that include Argan oil and blueberry extract. Argan oil not only hydrates the skin, it has two other main functions as well. Firstly, it improves cell regeneration process. Secondly, it protects the skin from the damage caused by exposure to external elements and chemical.

Blueberry extract, paired with another superfood Goji Berry extract, fight the main culprit behind aging skin i.e. the free radicals. These ingredients give this serum a powerful anti-oxidant capability. Not to mention, these ingredient play a powerful role in retaining elasticity and firmness. Despite its potency and strength, the cream is soothing and suitable even for sensitive skin – thanks to the

All in all, RoseBerry Nature is a great mix of anti aging and skin repairing ingredients which will repair, smoothen, and strengthen your skin, leaving the skin around your eyes firm and without wrinkles. This cream can also help reduce the appearance of any discoloration of the skin around the eye area, boosting its radiance and keeping you looking young and amazing.

So, if you want to take your eye care routine to the next level - RoseBerry Nature Eye Serum is exactly what you need.

Active Ingredients:

Natural Rose oil, Natural Rose Water, Goji berry extract, Blueberry extract and Argan oil.

How to Apply:

•    Take small amount of the product on fingertip

•    Lightly tab around the eyes without rubbing

•    Use at least 2 to 3 times a week

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