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RoseBerry Eye Contour Cream with Jojoba and Rose oil – 0.5 oz, 15 ml

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RoseBerry Eye Contour Cream with Jojoba and Rose oil – 0.5 oz, 15 ml

Brand: Rose Berry Nature
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RoseBerry Nature Eye Contour Cream is a gentle yet effective formula to fight off the biggest giveaways of passing age and tiring lifestyle.


Product Description

Are you tired of putting layers of concealer around your eyes everyday regretting staying up late at night earlier? Dark circles and lines on area around the eyes tell a lot about our lifestyle, health, and age. What worst is that cosmetics only offer a temporary concealment. If you want to get rid of the dark circles once and for all, you need to understand that the problem is deeper than it seems. You need to provide that area with nourishment, hydration, and care with a product that works beneath the surface. With that said, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We have the most effective eye cream to end all your troubles once and for all.

RoseBerry Nature Eye Cream tackles all the root causes behind the dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around eyes. Most of the issues arise with lack of moisture in that area as the delicate skin around the eyes is unable to stay as hydrated as rest of the face. With rose water and jojoba oil, this cream gives your skin the moisture and elasticity to minimize the appearance fine lines and wrinkles. Sustaining that moisture in the skin, it helps shield the skin from potential irritants in harsh facial cleaners or soaps.  

Now for the ingredient that sets it apart from any other eye cream – the Babassu oil. Babassu oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids and gives your skin the elasticity that it loses with age. Removing the puffiness, it replaces it with a youthful fullness and glow. It is completely non-irritant and non-allergic, therefore, safe to use around eyes. Working with Q10 and Goji Berry extract, it brightens the skin tone making the dark circles lighter with each use.

The formula contains all natural ingredients and therefore it is perfectly safe for people with sensitive skin or irritant eyes. In fact, Natural rose water gives it a very soothing and cooling effect promising a peaceful night sleep.

So, stop piling up layers of cosmetic products and wake up looking naturally fresh and fully rested every day. This is the only cream you need to set your eyes on!

Active Ingredients: 

Natural rose oil, jojoba extract, natural rose water, Q10, Goji berry extract, Babassu oil, vitamin E.

How to Apply:

•    Take a pea size amount of product

•    Massage around the eyes in circular motions using your index finger

•    For best results, use before going to sleep every night

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