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RoseBerry Exfoliating Shower Gel with Orange Extract - 7.0 oz, 200 ml

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RoseBerry Exfoliating Shower Gel with Orange Extract - 7.0 oz, 200 ml

Brand: Rose Berry Nature
Product Code: MPBG128
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Gently exfoliate the dead and dull skin off your body with this effective, gentle and nature-infused RoseBerry Nature Exfoliating Shower Gel.


Product Description

You know your skin needs a little extra care and exfoliation every day and night, but it has to be gentle and natural. Most scrubbing products are too harsh and they might do more damage than good. That is why RoseBerry Nature introduces an amazing exfoliating shower gel that helps you unveil a fresh new layer of skin without extra efforts and excessive scrubbing.

Like all the RoseBerry products, this shower gel contains rose oil, rose water, and goji berry extract to ensure hydration and nourishment beyond what typical shower gels offer. The real magic ingredient, for this one product, is the orange extract, traditionally used as a natural scrub to remove dead cells while improving the function of the new cells. The result is brighter skin that glows and gleams evenly and beautifully. To further improve skin’s texture and health, the product also contains D-panthenol, an ingredient well known for its ability to restore the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

With regular use, you will discover a visible difference in the skin tone, texture, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your body. The best part about this product is that unlike other scrubs and exfoliators, it doesn’t leave the skin itchy and over-dried.

So, add this exfoliating shower gel to your weekly beauty regimen and keep your skin fresh, clean, and free of dead skin that dulls it down.

Active Ingredients:

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, goji berry extract, orange extract, panthenol

How to Use:

•    Use small amount on wet skin

•    Gently massage into soft foam

•    Wash off with warm water

•    Best used twice a week

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