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RoseBerry Exfoliating Gel with Rose Oil and Goji Berry - 150 ml, 5 oz

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RoseBerry Exfoliating Gel with Rose Oil and Goji Berry - 150 ml, 5 oz

Brand: Rose Berry Nature
Product Code: MPBG127
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Want to make your skin glow from within? Using an effective cream like RoseBerry Nature Gel will prevent your skin from developing signs of aging.


Product Description

Why take risks with DIY solutions or other chemical laden products when you can use natural beauty ingredients to get wonderful skin? The RoseBerry Nature Exfoliating Gel for face is the one of the best options that combines excellent ingredients and their properties to revitalize your beauty. The special formula of the cream has been proven to make your skin softer and to help you get rid of dry skin.

This cream also helps to sustain moisture in the skin, which makes it suitable for all skin types, in all seasons. Infused with Goji Bear and Aloe Extract, the Roseberry Nature Gel soothes and hydrates your skin, making your face glow.

Fatigue might start showing and growing dullness will damage the skin in time, but not with RoseBerry Nature Gel. It not only provides softness to the skin but the healing power of Rose water, Rose Oil and a dose of essential minerals takes cares of any skin abrasions or wounds. Slow the signs of aging and get the healthier, more beautiful skin you deserve.

This exfoliating Gel takes care of your face, keeping it fresh and glowing all day long. With so many benefits in a single cream, what else could you possibly want? When it comes to skin care, this amazing cream is just the thing for you.  

List of Active Ingredients:

Natural Rose oil, Natural Rose Water, Goji Berry extract, Aloe extract

How to Apply:

•    Apply gel on wet skin and massage with light circular motions.

•    Rinse with water to get a glowing face

•    For better results, use twice daily.

•    Avoid using gel around the eye area.

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