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RoseBerry Cleansing Milk with Rose Oil and Blueberry Extract 150 ml

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RoseBerry Cleansing Milk with Rose Oil and Blueberry Extract 150 ml

Brand: Rose Berry Nature
Product Code: MPBG135
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Give your skin the deep cleansing and nourishment it deserves with nature-infused RoseBerry Cleansing Milk with apricot kernel oil and Blueberry extract.


Product Description

If you really love your skin, the best you can do for it is to give it a proper cleansing with all natural and high-quality product.  That is why we bring you the RoseBerry Nature Cleansing Milk enriched with super ingredients such as the nourishing Goji Berry extract, the rejuvenating Blue Berry extract, the radiating Apricot Kernel extract, and the soothing natural rose oil and rose water.

No matter your lifestyle and outgoing routine, your skin has the tendency to accumulate toxins and impurities. They may come from the environment or from the products you generally use. You may think your cleanser might be helping you remove those impurities on a daily basis, but what if we tell you that most cleansers actually introduce more impurities and chemical residues.

The best benefit of this formula is the intense nutrition and deep hydration that it offers, which is long lasting and sets your skin at its optimum tone, while protecting it from those unwanted lines and wrinkles that appear on the face due to age or environmental issues. High in anti-oxidant, it fights off the impurities that hinder cell function and deplete moisture and elasticity from the epidermis.

Apricot extract has super inflammatory properties and plays a significant role in repairing the damage skin. Like Goji Berry and Blueberry, it is also an anti-aging superfood filled with essential nutrients. So with this cleanser, you get thrice the age defying power!

Despite its high moisture ingredients, the product does not leave your skin greasy. The feeling you will be left with will be of freshness and cleanliness. If you want your skin to breath freely without any impurities to slowly damage it from within, this is the product you need to include in your beauty regimen.

Active Ingredients:

Natural Rose oil, Natural Rose Water, Goji berry extract, Blueberry extract, Apricot kernel oil.

How to Apply:

•    Soak a cotton swab in the product

•    Apply on the face and neck using the swab

•    Use at least twice a week for a skin that stays healthy

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