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Rose Water Toner for Face and Neck with Bulgarian Rose Oil - 100 ml

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Rose Water Toner for Face and Neck with Bulgarian Rose Oil - 100 ml

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Don’t opt for expensive anti-wrinkle treatment(s) when you can enjoy the same benefits through Natural Rose Water.


Product Description

Get a sense of beauty and youth with Natural Rose Water that provides your skin with nourishment. This natural product is obtained through the process of distillation of Rosa Damascena (the queen of roses).

Natural Rose Water is a tonic with beneficial, soothing and relaxing effects. No matter what type of skin you have, this product is suitable for all, even those with sensitive skin. The floral aroma can easily ward away any skin issues and will fight against the bacteria that clog up the pores.

Not to mention that the natural Rose Water will help reduce acne while decreasing redness, without letting the skin dry up. Apply cold Rose Water on the areas that are causing irritation and the healing power of the product will get rid of any pain and itching, while balancing the moisture of your skin. Are you worried about those fine lines on your face or the newly formed wrinkles have been enough to terrify you? Anti-oxidants in the Rose Water fight against the signs of aging, and also revitalize your skin, keeping it clean and healthy.

Just alleviate stress with the soothing effect of the product; and experience the feel of a luxuriously soft skin. Be the envy of all your friends with a glowing and radiant face that will surely have everyone asking about the secret. Don’t let out the secret so easily though and do reap all the benefits of Natural Rose Water.

Active Ingredient:

Rose Floral Water
Rosa Damascena Oil

How to Use:

•    For external use only

•    Store it in your fridge to keep it cool and refreshing

•    Apply it either after cleansing or just to hydrate the skin

•    If kept in right conditions, the rose water is by nature inclined to improve and mature with age

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