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Natural Rose Water Spray for Face and Hair - 8 oz, 150 ml

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Natural Rose Water Spray for Face and Hair - 8 oz, 150 ml

Brand: Rose
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Distilled from the blossoms of Rosa Damascena Mill, the natural product is the elixir for you to tone and refresh your skin.


Product Description

Remember all that time you wasted shopping for a skin toner? To test patch it first to ensure its claims for an antibacterial, parabens-free, and hypoallergenic product were indeed valid? And what if you didn’t like the smell of the artificial fragrance that had been added to it? You can address all these concerns with a single product only that is the Bulgarian Rose Natural Rose Water Spray.

Obtained via steam distillation of Rosa Damscena, it is natural, tested already and deemed suitable even for sensitive skin based on its softening, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing nature of the skin. Afraid your skin has too much of a tendency to get allergies and rashes? Did you know the cosmetic properties of rose water allow it to refresh, tone, moisturize, and soothe it without any problem?

Prickly heat or hot flushes are particular conditions to choose it for cooling down your skin, just like it has been used for centuries. Spray it liberally, guilt-free. Not only will it cool your skin, it will also reduce oily skin and blemish while its pure and fresh fragrance will lift your spirits; considering to add this to your bath water too, are you, for its nourishing and relaxation effect? Use it often as your facial mask and it will tighten the pores on your face, fight acne, and other dermatitis. What’s more, it will do all this without irritating or drying your skin.

Active Ingredient:

Organic Rose Water, Rosa Damascena Oil

How to Use:

•    Clean the skin thoroughly. Spray a few drops on a cotton swab to apply it. Don’t rinse immediately but allow it to absorb in your skin.

•    Alternatively, you can spray the natural rose water solution directly on a desired spot or whole body, including the hair.

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