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Rose Shampoo with Rose Oil and D-pantenol - 8 oz, 240 ml

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Rose Shampoo with Rose Oil and D-pantenol - 8 oz, 240 ml

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG118
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Save your hair from excessive chemicals by using this natural Rose shampoo that not only cleans but nourishes your hair from roots to tips.


Product Description

Are you tired of chemical laden shampoos that rob your hair of its natural brilliance? Time to switch to healthier and more natural options. Rose Shampoo for the hair is a potion right out of Rapunzel’s home remedy book. A truly wonderful product that will make all your lovely lock dreams come true. Made from all natural ingredients, this shampoo nourishes and moisturizes the hair, leaving it shiner and softer than ever.

Instead of harsh and abrasive ingredients, Rose Shampoo is created from three simple yet highly beneficial natural ingredients i.e. Rose oil, rose water, and d panthenol. Rose water gently washes off all the excess sebum, dirt, and impurities off your scalp and hair without over drying them. Rose oil, on the other hand, works as a moisturizer to keep the hair shinier and softer from the root. It eliminates the need for extra hair conditioning every day.

The third ingredient in this magical formula is D-panthenol – a super beauty ingredient that has created a lot of buzz in the natural beauty product industry. It is a vitamin B5 complex that easily breaks down and gets absorbed by the skin, scalp, and hair. Its purpose is to provide deep nourishment to the cells while improving their function and blood circulation as well. A few days of usage will ensure a visible difference in the health and vivacity of your hair.
Rose shampoo is a product you can use on your hair everyday without causing chemical damage to your lovely strands. Each wash will leave the hair brilliantly shiny and soft. Not to mention the sweet rosy scent is enchanting to say the least.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, D-panthenol

How to use

•    Pour a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply on wet hair
•    Massage and lather for at least a minute
•    Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary

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