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Rose Revitalizing Face Cream with Q10 and Rose Oil 1.7 oz – 50 ml

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Rose Revitalizing Face Cream with Q10 and Rose Oil 1.7 oz – 50 ml

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG117
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Repair your skin and stimulate cell regeneration with the power f natural ingredients in this revitalizing face cream containing Q10 and D-panthenol.


Product Description

Ever wondered why, as babies, we all have such beautiful skin and why we lose it over time? It is the harsh impact of toxins and adversities we consume through chemicals, diet, and pollution throughout the day. There is a lot of damage and its repair requires a little more than your regular antioxidants. That is exactly what Q10 is all about.

A vitamin-like substance naturally found in the body, Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that keeps repairing the damage done to our body both on internal and external level. It depletes over time and that is one of the major factors responsible for the aging process.  This revitalizing cream contains the right amount of Q10 and other rejuvenating and regenerating ingredients such as vitamins A, E, D-panthenol. Almond oil and rose water nourish the epidermis, keeping it fresh and hydrated.

All of the ingredients work together to simulate the generation of newer skin cells with better function. With regular use of this cream, you will see a visible improvement in skin texture, tone, smoothness, and elasticity. So, if you have damaged skin and wish to get rid of all those lines, breakage, pores, and dullness, this is the little jar of magic you need.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose water, Q10, almond oil, vitamins A and E, D-panthenol

How to Use

•    Take a small amount of the cream and massage gently all over the face and neck in circular motions.
•    For best results, apply twice a day after washing your face with Cream Soap from the Rose Series

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