Rose Perfume with Bulgarian Rose Oil - 1.0 oz, 30 ml - Andes Roses
Rose Perfume with Bulgarian Rose Oil - 1.0 oz, 30 ml

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Rose Perfume with Bulgarian Rose Oil - 1.0 oz, 30 ml

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG116
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Become a true enchantress with this premium product made from finest quality Bulgarian rose fragrance and a proper saturation of essential oils.


Product Description

Do you know that Bulgarian rose oil is also known as the ‘liquid gold’ for its truly unique and treasured fragrance? For those who know perfumes and fragrances, a mere mention of this ingredient is enough to know that the scent will be truly mesmerizing and spell-binding.

This perfume contains 100 percent organic oil extract from the finest Rosa Damascena, the queen of roses known not just for its fragrance but also for its effect on mind and body. It is a mild and soft fragrance women of class will always prefer over the strong and intoxicating ones. The best part is, despite being extracted from flowers, it smells unlike most flowery perfumes. This is the kind of fragrance that has the power of becoming your distinct signature scent.

This rose perfume captures the fragrance of Bulgarians rose nicely, with the scent lingering for a lot longer than one might expect. It is a perfect choice for a perfect date. Packaged beautifully, it also makes for a perfect gift for a classy lady in your life.

Active Ingredients:

Natural rose water, Natural Rose Oil, Essential Oils

How to Use:

Spray all over the body after showering and top it up throughout the day.

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