Rose Moisturizing Tonic Spray for Face and Neck 5 oz, 150 ml - Andes Roses
Rose Moisturizing Tonic Spray for Face and Neck 5 oz, 150 ml

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Rose Moisturizing Tonic Spray for Face and Neck 5 oz, 150 ml

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG139
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If you want skin as soft and fresh as a baby’s, use Rose Moisturizing tonic every time you cleanse your face and neck and your wish will be granted.


Product Description

Cleansing your skin on a daily basis can be time consuming, but you need to keep it safe from the damage external elements and impurities can wreak. That is when you need a good skin toner that not only retains the freshness and softness, but also provides your skin with the healthy nutrients it needs to heal and repair from within. The Rose Moisturizing skin tonic is food for your skin. The product comes in the form of a spray and is bound to give you instant glow and freshness every day.

Easy to use and gentle to apply, Rose moisturizing tonic contains an amazing list of powerful ingredients that improve skin on every level. The combination of natural rose oil and rose water of the finest quality plays its role in removing all the impurities that settle down in our skin due to environmental pollution and the products we use. The best thing about rose water is that it is a natural ingredient and it does not leave any chemical traces behind.
The moisturizing tonic has an instant effect on the texture of the skin. It will leave it surprisingly soft and supple like a baby’s skin. The compounds allantoin and glycerin are responsible for this effect. Allantoin starts and expedites the cell regeneration process that automatically brings out a healthy glow in your skin. It is known as one of the most effective skin softeners. Removing the dead skin and unveiling a layer of healthier skin cells, allantoin and glycerin combine to give your skin a young and fresh appearance.

If you wish for the softness and smoothness of a baby fresh skin, try using Rose Moisturizing Tonic on a regular basis.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, D-panthenol, allantoin, glycerine

How to Use

•    Spray sparingly on the face and neck
•    Best to use after removing makeup with Rose Cleansing Lotion

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