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Rose Lip Balm with Organic Rose Oil - 0.2 oz, 5 g

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Rose Lip Balm with Organic Rose Oil - 0.2 oz, 5 g

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG115
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Looking for a lip balm that doesn’t dry out through the day? Rose Lip balm with Rose concrete works from within to heal the damaged lips and improve the appearance and texture of your lips.


Product Description

Soft and plump lips are a significant element of youthful appearance. Dry and wrinkled lips can ruin your look in a manner not even a good lipstick can salvage. It is not very easy to keep the lips soft and smooth and that is why typical balms often fail to give you lasting results. Rose Lip Balm contains a balanced amount of Rose Concrete, a magical blend of our authentic rose oil and beeswax. The two ingredients combine together to heal the damage already done and to return the fullness, softness, and smoothness of your lips.

The formula is enriched with ingredients that are known for repairing the dead and dried skin while increasing the level of moisture and elasticity from within. This product contains Vitamin and D-panethenol that provide nutrition to the cells. Since the action is skin deep, this balm doesn’t just create a layer of moisture above the surface like most balms do – it gives your lips the fullness and tenderness that will last for long.

The product is created for mild to extremely chapped lips. With constant use, you will experience a visible difference in the texture and appearance of your lips. There will be no fine lines and dry spots to mess with your lipstick, and the natural color of your lips will be brighter and more even than before. If you have the habit of biting your lips, this product will heal the damage in no time.

So, get ready to get a youthful smile back on your lips with the Rose Lip balm with lip concrete magic.

List of Active Ingredients

Rose concrete, Cocoa oil, Vitamin E and D-panthenol 

How to Use

•    Use one finger to apply a tiny amount of balm on the lower and upper lips
•    Use at least twice a day for best results

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