Rose Joghurt Milk Concentrate with Natural Rose Oil and Rosehip Oil - Andes Roses
Rose Joghurt Milk Concentrate with Rose Oil and Yogurt 0.5 oz – 15 ml

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Rose Joghurt Milk Concentrate with Rose Oil and Yogurt 0.5 oz – 15 ml

Brand: Rose Jogurt Cosmetic Series - Andes Roses
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An ultra hydrating cream that fights dark circles and lines around the eyes without causing irritation, enriched with Natural Rose Oil and Yoghurt.


Product Description

Every sleepless night or exhausting day will take its toll on your eyes. And since your eyes define the beauty of your face, you’ll want to keep them and the skin surrounding them fresh and lovely. Every girl dreams to have beautiful eyes and of course, they try a lot of beauty products to get the desired results. Now’s your chance to have gorgeous eyes, to go with that lovely face.

The skin around your eyes is quite sensitive and easily gets dull and loses its fine tone. Rose Joghurt Milk Concentrate around the eyes is a moisturizing complex that removes dullness and darkness from the skin. Rosehip Oil helps you get rid of the dark circles and bags around your eyes. But how? Well, it keeps the skin moisturized and hydrates it from within, making your eyes look fresh. After all, you need dark circle free skin to compliment those twinkly eyes.

So don’t wait anymore, you can have your share of beautiful eyes. All you have to do is make it a habit to use the Milk Concentrate regularly and you’ll get to see what wonders it can do for your skin. In fact, Bulgarian rose water is bound to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the eyes. Now that’s a perfect reason to use it both during the day and before going to bed. So start your day with pretty eyes and mesmerize everyone.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural Rose Water, Natural Rose Oil, Yoghurt, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Squalane and Rosehip Oil

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount around the eyes.

•    Gently massage in circular motion till properly absorbed.

•    For best results, use every morning and before going to bed.

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