Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk with Natural Rose Oil and Aloe Extract - Andes Roses
Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk with Yogurt and Aloe - 8.5 oz,  250ml

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Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk with Yogurt and Aloe - 8.5 oz, 250ml

Brand: Rose Jogurt Cosmetic Series - Andes Roses
Product Code: MPBG103
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Keep your skin clean and fresh with Rose Cleaning Milk that contains powerful natural cleansing agents that not only remove impurities but also provide protection against them.


Product Description

Every woman is in need of a product that cleanses the skin but isn’t formulated using chemicals. Well, such products are quiet hard to find that can boast natural ingredients but with Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk for the Face, you’ll have this peace of mind. Made with natural ingredients, this moisturizing complex cleanses your face from deep within, leaving it fresh and free of impurities.

Get a visibly fresh and supple skin with all natural ingredients that do nothing to damage your skin. In fact, the dullness and dryness left behind by the chemically formulated products can easily be rectified with the Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk.

Aloe Extract combined with Natural Rose Oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin while giving it a natural glow from within. The powerful natural ingredients not only rejuvenate the skin but also repair the cell damage. Need any more reasons to buy the Cleansing Milk?

It removes the harmful elements and also keeps your skin protected from them. You can use it to remove makeup and give your face the cleansing it deserves. So don’t wait any longer. Experience the feel of true purity and love the feel of fresh, smooth skin with Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk.   

Active Ingredients:

Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Yoghurt, Rosehip Oil, Aloe extract and Collagen

How to Use

•    Put a small amount of Rose Joghurt Cleansing Milk on a cotton swab.

•    Clean your face and neck with the cotton until properly clean.

•    Or use it for massage, using circular motion.

•    Can also be used to remove makeup.

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