Rose Joghurt Shower Gel with Rose Oil, Yogurt and Olive Oil - Andes Roses
Rose Joghurt Shower Gel with Yogurt and Olive Oil - 2 8.5 oz, 50ml

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Rose Joghurt Shower Gel with Yogurt and Olive Oil - 2 8.5 oz, 50ml

Brand: Rose Jogurt Cosmetic Series - Andes Roses
Product Code: MPBG113
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Indulge in a highly refreshing shower with this unique shower gel made from pure and natural ingredients that not only cleanse your skin but also nourish it.


Product Description

Wake up every morning with a highly refreshing shower that will leave you with a feeling of freshness and softness. The Rose Joghurt shower gel contains the ultra moisturizing capabilities of rose oil, yogurt, and olive oil. The three ingredients work together to balance the moisture level of the epidermis throughout the day. And they do it in a manner that your skin remains hydrated yet free of excess oil for hours.

The reason you should really be making a switch from your regular shower gel to all-natural Rose Joghurt is because most regular products don’t really clean your skin as they claom. They contain abrasive chemicals and leave behind a layer of impurities. This product contains the deep cleansing powers of organic rose water. Rose water is a natural astringent that will get rid of all the harmful residues. You can trust this product not just for its cleansing abilities but for also for preservation of skins natural beauty and softness.

Like all Rose Joghurt product, yoghurt is a key ingredient in this one as well. Yoghurt is known for its skin regeneration powers. It repairs skin cells and removes dead layers to leave you with a newfound radiance and glow.

So, if you want your everyday shower experience to be soothing, relaxing, and refreshing, this is the best shower gel we can recommend.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, olive oil.

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount on wet skin

•    Massage all over the body, preferably with a loofah or a wet sponge

•    Rinse thoroughly

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