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Rose Joghurt Softening Foot Cream with Yogurt – 2.5 oz, 75ml

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Rose Joghurt Softening Foot Cream with Yogurt – 2.5 oz, 75ml

Brand: Rose Jogurt Cosmetic Series - Andes Roses
Product Code: MPBG114
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If your dreams are made of Louboutin and Jimmy Choos, you need feet that can turn heads. Beautiful and clean feet indicate that a lady is a true perfectionist when it comes to beauty and hygiene. For such perfectionists, we bring an ultimate foot care pro


Product Description

While most foot creams tend to be too harsh, this product only contains natural ingredients that gently work on a deeper level to improve the texture and health of the skin. It is an intense moisturizer that gently removes the dead skin and calluses from tricky areas such as ankles and between the toes. At the same time, yoghurt enables better cell regeneration and function to replace the dead skin with fresher and softer layers of new skin cells. The nourishment provided by Vitamin A and D is also essential for this whole process.

Like hands, your feet also tend to bear worst of environmental adversities such as harsh climate. That is one reason you may see a visible difference in the tone and texture of the feet as compared to the rest of your body. That is why this cream contains the brightening abilities of tea tree oil and camphor. Camphor also has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. So, if you have been on your feet all day, this cream will offer a relaxing relief for the night.

Simply put, if you desire feet so soft and immaculate as if you have never set them on the ground, this is the only product you need.

Active ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, argan oil, tea tree oil, camphor, vitamins A and E.

How to Use    

•    Clean your feet thoroughly

•    Apply a small amount and massage till absorbed

•    Best used before going to bed

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