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Rose Joghurt Body Butter with Yogurt and Cocoa Butter - 7.5 oz, 220 ml

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Rose Joghurt Body Butter with Yogurt and Cocoa Butter - 7.5 oz, 220 ml

Brand: Rose Jogurt Cosmetic Series - Andes Roses
Product Code: MPBG102
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Get the best of Cocoa Butter and Natural Rose Oil in this amazing Rose Joghurt Body Butter, which will define new levels of cosmetic care.


Product Description

Enjoy pampering that will rejuvenate your mind and refresh your senses. Yes, the ultimate luxurious feeling of relaxation can be attained, only with the Rose Joghurt Body Butter. It soothes the skin softly and gives new life to your skin. The nourishing, all natural ingredients of the product have rehydration properties that keep the body hydrated and give it a healthy glow from within.

Yearning for silky soft skin that makes you look gorgeous? Then Rose Joghurt Body Butter is the ideal choice for you. The blend of natural ingredients prevents your skin from damage caused by the sun and protects it from everyday harmful environmental effects. All this protection in turn, makes your skin radiant and makes it velvety to touch. So stop wasting all that money on expensive products and reap the benefits of this amazing miracle worker.

The ingredients promote collagen production and you get a visible younger and smoother looking skin. And all this is because of the great source of antioxidants; Cocoa Butter. It helps save your skin from the signs of aging. What more could a woman want? Well, we have approved the Body Butter; you better try it to know what the big deal is about.

So add this little charmer to your skin care regime and feel the difference yourself!

Active Ingredients:

Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Yoghurt, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamins A and E.

How to Apply:

•    Apply the body butter all over the body.

•    Massage with gentle circular movements.

•    For best results, apply twice a day or as required

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