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Rose Hand Cream with Silicone Oil and Vitamin F 2.5 oz, 75 ml

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Rose Hand Cream with Silicone Oil and Vitamin F 2.5 oz, 75 ml

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG100
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Fight the impact of chemicals and extreme weather on your hands with the Rose hand cream infused with Vitamin F and silicone oil.


Product Description

We often fail to realize that our hands are more prone to damage than our face. Not only are they exposed to extreme weather conditions, they have to deal with a huge array of different compounds on a daily basis. Whether you are doing dishes or laundry, painting or car repair, your hands will get dirty. That is why they show signs of aging earlier than the face. If you are not taking good care of them, you might be letting them make you seem older. Let us hand you the answer to all these problems – Rose hand cream with magic ingredients such as silicone oil and vitamin F.

Like most products in the Rose series, the Rose hand cream contains Bulgarian rose oil and Bulgarian rose water of the finest quality. The two products provide intense moisture and hydration that goes deep inside the epidermis. If your skin is irritated and inflamed due to extreme cold, the rose oil and water combo will sooth and relax it.

Vitamin F nourishes the skin cells in order to improve the regeneration process. This allows the inflamed skin to heal faster and look younger. The ingredient also plays a vital role in improving the blood circulation eliminating dark spots around knuckles and joints. The effects of this cream are not just on the skin but also on the cuticles and areas around the nails.  The silicone oil is the final ingredient that actually locks all the moisture in making a protective shield on the surface. Now, you can go out in extreme cold or humidity without getting dry, chapped and irritated hands.

Not to mention, the cream also has an instant effect that makes your hand appear smoother and shinier while feeling soft as mink.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, silicone oil and vitamin F

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount of cream every morning and evening
•    For better protection, apply before going out

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