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Rose Hand Cream with Silicone Oil 1.7 oz, 50 ml

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Rose Hand Cream with Silicone Oil 1.7 oz, 50 ml

Brand: Rose
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Bid adieu to dry and dull hands during extreme weather. Rose Hand Cream has anti inflammatory and deep hydrating properties that keep your hand soft, gently, and glowing.


Product Description

Your face is not the only part that needs some attention. Your hands can say a lot about your age and how you take care of your body. In many cultures, beautiful hands are considered a sign of a beautiful soul. If you are looking for a product that can gently take care of your hands and protect them against the harsh and harmful effects of external elements, here is the perfect answer to your prayers – Rose Hand cream.

Rose hand cream boasts a one of a kind formula that contains natural rose oil and natural rose water coming from the finest quality Bulgarian rose. Both the ingredients offer instant soothing sensation relieving you of the stress and stiffness you may experience after a busy day. That’s not where the efficiency ends. The cream also contains exclusive ingredients such as silicone and Vitamin F. Vitamin F promotes the skin rejuvenation process, improving the appearance and health of your skin’s upper layer. It removes the dry and damaged skin unveiling a smoother, even, and softer skin.

The silicone oil has two main benefits. First of all, it gives an instantly waxed glow to your skin. And secondly, it holds the moisture within so that the hands stay moisturized and soft even in the coldest and harshest of weather. If your hands have already been damaged by harmful external factors, rose hand cream will work as an anti-inflammatory cream promoting the healing process of the epidermis.
Get your hands on this miracle product and enjoy the touch of sheer softness and tenderness.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, silicone oil and vitamin F

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount of cream every morning and evening
•    For better protection, apply before going out

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