Rose Eye Cream with Q10, Avocado Oil and Moisturizing Complex 0.5 oz – 15 ml - Andes Roses
Rose Eye Cream with Q10 and Moisturizing Complex 0.5 oz – 15 ml

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Rose Eye Cream with Q10 and Moisturizing Complex 0.5 oz – 15 ml

Brand: Rose
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Rose cream around eyes with Q10 is an ultra hydrating cream that fights dark circles and lines around the eyes without causing irritation.


Product Description

Your eyes are the biggest giveaway of your age, your lifestyle, your sleepless nights, or an exhausting day. Don’t you wish for a miracle that can make your eyes look fresh and free of all the circles and bags around it? That’s precisely what we have here. The Rose Cream around eyes is a highly moisturizing formula containing a magical mixture of Q10, avocado oil, and rose water.

Avocado oil is considered the age-defying miracle that keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. Dehydration is one of the major culprits behind fine lines and dullness around the eyes. Q10, combined with the hydrating complex based on Hyaluronic acid, works its way to retain and restore the collagen by promoting collagen synthesis on a cellular level. The more collagen you have, the more elastic your skin will be, which means no fine lines and wrinkles. Other than Hyaluronic acid, the moisturizing complex also has wheat protein that removes dullness and darkness of the skin. 

Unlike typical eye creams, Rose cream around eyes will not irritate your eyes. In fact, Bulgarian rose water is bound to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the eyes. That is one reason you can use this cream both during the day and before going to bed. The cream has an instant contouring effect that can help you achieve a 12–hour-sleep look every morning. No matter how late you sleep at night, a small amount of Rose Cream around eyes and you are ready to start a perfect day.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose water, Q10, avocado oil, moisturizing complex

How to Use

•    Apply a tiny amount of cream around the eyes every morning and before sleeping
•    Use one or two fingers to gently massage the cream in circular motions until properly absorbed

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