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Rose Cleansing Milk for Face and Neck 8 oz, 240 ml

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Rose Cleansing Milk for Face and Neck 8 oz, 240 ml

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG94
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Keep your skin clean and fresh with Rose Cleansing Milk that contains powerful natural cleansing agents that not only remove impurities but also provide protection against them.


Product Description

Are you in need of a miracle product with natural ingredients that can cleanse your skin from deep within, leaving it fresh and free of impurities? Rose Cleansing Milk is the answer to your prayers.
Clean skin is the secret to visibly fresh and supple skin. You may not know but your typical cleansers are filled with chemicals and compounds that only leave more impurities and toxins on the skin than there were before use. Over time, these residues damage the layers of skin and leave it looking dull and untidy. These chemicals, combined with environmental elements, can be devastating for your skin.

Rose Cleansing milk contains natural rose oil and natural rose water from the finest quality Bulgarian roses. Rose water is known for its ability to clean the skin without leaving any harmful traces behind. Combining the powers of natural rose oils, this product hydrates and moisturizes the skin instead of leaving it intensely dry like most chemical based cleansers do.

One of the most powerful ingredients of this cleaning milk is D-panthenol, a powerful Vitamin B5 complex that not only rejuvenates and hydrates the skin but also repairs the damages cells both on the surface and beneath it. D-panthenol has a multitude of benefits that are often instantly visible. However, one thing that makes the vitamin complex a truly magical element in this product is its protective capabilities. So, this cleaning milk will not only remove the harmful elements, it will also keep your skin protected from them.

So, enjoy the purity, freshness, and brightness of a purely and properly clean skin.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, D-panthenol

How to Use

•    Put a small amount of Rose cleaning milk on a cotton swab.
•    Clean your face and neck with the cotton until properly clean
•    Can be used to remove makeup

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