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Rose Body Lotion with Vitamin A and D 8 oz, 240 ml

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Rose Body Lotion with Vitamin A and D 8 oz, 240 ml

Brand: Rose
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Rose Body Lotion with Vitamin A and D provides the nourishment and rejuvenating power of natural ingredients needed by your body.


Product Description

Your body needs to be pampered by the premium care only the finest quality natural products can offer. If you think your body deserves the best, give it the best by massaging it with the Rose Body lotion – an exclusive product made for those who understand that a soft and supple skin comes from tender love and care of high quality natural ingredients.

What makes this product so special is the range of ingredients that includes rose water and oil extracted from the finest Bulgarian roses. The benefits of Bulgarian rose oil and water are known across the beauty community. Both the ingredients work together to make your skin moisturized and hydrated not just on the surface but on a deeper level. Balancing the water level in the skin cells, unlike most lotions, these ingredients do not leave a greasy layer.
Rose body lotion nourishes the skin with D-panthenol and Vitamins A+E – the nutrients our skin cells require to perform better. It improves the oxygen level and blood circulation in the epidermis and accelerates the rejuvenating process. With balanced moisture levels and better function of the cells, your skins elasticity is naturally enhanced. Not only will your skin appear glow and youthful, it will feel much firmer yet soft at the same time.

The natural rose oil and water gives this lotion a natural fragrance that gets absorbed deep in the skin with the product leaving a lasting and pleasant aroma you can feel throughout the day.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, D-panthenol, vitamins A and E

How to Use

•    Take a handful of the lotion and apply all over the body
•    Massage in circular motion until absorbed
•    For best results, use after taking a shower with Rose shower gel

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