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Rose Anti Stretch Marks Cream with Arnica Extract 8 oz, 240 ml

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Rose Anti Stretch Marks Cream with Arnica Extract 8 oz, 240 ml

Brand: Rose
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Get rid of stretch marks, lines, and scars with the one of a kind anti stretch mark cream made from natural ingredients such as pea extract and rose oil.


Product Description

Do you know that it is completely possible to get rid of stretch marks without excessive chemical peels and extensive cosmetic surgery? Introducing a unique anti stretch mark solution made purely from natural and harmless ingredients. The Rose anti stretch marks Cream is the miracle you have been waiting for. You don’t have to live with those marks forever.

This anti stretch mark cream doesn’t contain harmful bleaching or peeling agents. In fact, it is a miraculous blend of natural ingredients that work on a cellular level to enhance the skin’s own natural phenomenon of regeneration. While the product contains the main ingredients of the Bulgarian rose series i.e. natural rose oil and rose water to improve moisture and hydration level, it also has intensively moisturizing shea butter as well. Since dry skin is more prone to scarring and marks, the extensive moisturizing capabilities of this cream play a significant role in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Another reason behind stretch marks is the lack of elasticity of the skin, which is often lost due to excessive stretching of the skin during pregnancy or in people who have undergone drastic weight loss. The pea extract contained within slows down the degradation of collagen and other elastins that keep the skin flexible and firm. It has drastic anti-aging effects, keeping the skin supple, tight, and young. While this prevents newer marks from forming, the Arnica extract has healing properties that can greatly reduce the existing ones.

With the Rose anti stretch mark cream, you can feel free to wear anything you want and share your story only with those you choose.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, pea extract, shea butter, arnica extract

How to use

•    Apply the cream on areas with stretch marks
•    Massage till absorbed
•    Works best if used every night before going to sleep

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