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BRSS Refreshing Shower Gel with Dead Sea Salt – 6.8 oz, 200ml

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BRSS Refreshing Shower Gel with Dead Sea Salt – 6.8 oz, 200ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature SPA
Product Code: MPBG109
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Add a little luxury to your everyday shower routine with this premium product, rich in exotic ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt and concentrate of sea water.


Product Description

The wait is over! The product that can make you feel spa-fresh every morning is right here. And you don’t even have to spend a lot of time to feel truly rejuvenated. Say hello to your shower best friend - the Refreshing shower gel by Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa. A unique cleansing product infused with the refreshing and rejuvenating power of nature. This product is infused with premium and exotic natural ingredients that can gently cleanse your skin while refreshing your mind and muscles at the same time.

The two ingredients that play the greatest role in brewing this bottle of magic are salts from the Dead Sea and concentrate of Dead Sea water. This is not the combo you will find in the regular shower products, and that is because it is not easy to get hands on. Bulgarian Rose, however, continues the tradition of going to great lengths to give you an experience like no other. Both the products have a magical effect on the health and appearance of skin. They contain high amount of nourishing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients required by the skin in order to regenerate and stay healthy.

Sea water concentrate, just like natural rose water, is also an astringent and toner that deep cleanses the skin to remove impurities and toxins. Dead Sea salts on the other hand, work as a mild exfoliate and remove the dead skin to reveal a fresh and glowing layer. This shower gel regulates the water and mineral balance keeping your skin fresh and soft throughout the day,

With regular use, you will feel a visible difference in skin tone and texture. If you have sensitive skin, the product is completely safe and may even help with irritation or inflammation caused by other products. With an endless list of benefits, you might actually want to replace all of your shower products with this one bottle.

Active Ingredients

Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Caviar Complex, Dead Sea Salt, Concentrate of Seawater.

How to Use

•    Apply on wet skin

•    Massage gently to form foam

•    Rinse thoroughly

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