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100% Pure Rose Essential Oil in Luxury Bulgarian Konkum - 0.17 oz 5 ml

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100% Pure Rose Essential Oil in Luxury Bulgarian Konkum - 0.17 oz 5 ml

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Containing the precious essence of the beautiful Rosa Damascena flowers, Rose Oil in Traditional Bulgarian Konkum is here to give you all the freshness of real roses. Luxury Gift Box, Unique present!


Product Description

Not all oils have been created equal. True, unadulterated rose oil in Bulgarian Konkum is a highly valued product that offers many benefits to those who seek to improve their wellbeing and wellness. Obtained by double distillation of the Rosa Damascena, this oil is widely used in the perfume and cosmetic industry for its beauty enhancing properties. You can rest assured knowing that this product contains the richest rose oil that has been obtained from the Rose Valley where the famous Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has been provided the best conditions for growing to ensure the roses are at their best when picked.

The main properties of Rose Oil in Bulgarian Konkum are that it is a natural rejuvenating and skin toning solution, and an aphrodisiac. This product happens to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties as well, which is why the rose oil is well known around the world. When applied to the body, rose oil can lighten those unwanted wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis in the skin. Rose oil is also widely used to soothe and tone dry or inflamed skin, reduce stretch marks or scars, and has certain health benefits as well.

For starters, natural rose oil has been found to be very effective against upper respiratory tract diseases. This product is also known as a cure for various illnesses such as the common cold, migraines, headaches, tonsillitis and insomnia. All it takes is a few drops of Rose oil in Bulgarian Konkum and you can reap all the benefits in one go. And that’s not all; rose oil can also be used to regulate blood pressure, tone the uterus and is considered as a strong aphrodisiac as well, increasing the sperm count in males. With all these benefits, rose oil in Bulgarian Rose is truly the “Queen of Oils” and will make your woman feel more positive and feminine than ever while giving you a warm and open heart that will promote love and passion. Now that’s a great deal!

Active Ingredients:

100% Pure, original Bulgarian Rose oil.

How to Use:

•    Take two drops of rose oil and mix in one tsp of base oil and use the mixture for a body massage. 

•    To prepare a bath, pour 5 to 8 drops in a tub full of warm water.

•    Use aromatherapy lamps to repel insects and purify the air.

•    Do not apply without diluting with a base oil.

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