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Rose Oil in Bottle, Rosa Damascena with Authenticity Certificate - 5 ml No Box

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Rose Oil in Bottle, Rosa Damascena with Authenticity Certificate - 5 ml No Box

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Take a whiff of beauty’s priceless ingredient by getting yourself m=premium quality Rose Oil in Bottle.


Product Description

When it comes to complexion-friendly oils, nothing comes even close to this product. The precious essence of Bulgarian rose that is contained in this Rose oil feels gentle on the skin and leaves it looking fresh, supple, and elastic. This gentle rose oil offers all the revitalizing properties one would want in a beauty product to get that smooth and silky skin.

This delicate rose oil helps maintain the skin’s natural beauty while enhancing its appearance with the help of 100% natural nutrients that are present in this rose oil. While the rose oil is used to cleanse and hydrate the skin from the inside, it’s beautiful floral fragrance helps harmonize both the body and mind, leaving you feeling fresher and as lively as ever.

Did we mention that this Rose oil smells amazing? This means that you get to use it in a variety of ways, from including this rose oil in your bath, to using it as a makeup remover, and even a moisturizer for your delicate skin. And that’s not all; this rose oil is also used as a wonderful remedy for other problems as well. For instance, it is not only used to beautify the skin, but can also be used to fight depression, fear and grief, leaving you feeling on top of this world. This Rose oil in a bottle comes packed with benefits for the body as well; regular use of rose oil in your bath or applying it directly on to your skin can also help your digestive system and heart.

All these benefits can be yours at the most affordable price possible. This rose oil will provide for you the perfect balance of health and beauty you simply won’t get by any other way. So, don’t wait another minute – order yours today and avail the advantage of the new discounted prices.

Active Ingredients:

100% Pure, original Bulgarian Rose oil (Otto)

How to Use:

This pure rose oil is very concentrated, which means you should not use too much of it on your skin. You can apply a few drops of rose oil right after a shower or bath. You can also use this rose oil along with other cosmetic products as well.

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