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Bulgarian Rose Oil 100% Pure, Rosa Damascena - 10ml

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Bulgarian Rose Oil 100% Pure, Rosa Damascena - 10ml

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Enjoy all the benefits of authentic Bulgarian rose oil, the liquid gold, from one of the most trusted Bulgarian rose beauty brand.


Product Description

Do you know the Bulgarian rose is the most beneficial oil bearing roses among all the species? Extracted from thousands of Rosa Damascena petals of the finest quality, this product can be used for many purposes. And to ensure complete peace of mind, this tiny little vial of oil comes with a certification of authenticity as well. It is the oil, we consider the most potent, powerful, and premium miracle product in our selection.

Indeed, it is a miracle product because it has magical effect on health, beauty and well-being. Whether you use it as massage oil, or with aromatherapy lamps, the oil can bring about a world of difference in your life. If you think that’s an exaggeration, take a look at some of the proven properties and how it can change your life.

•    Peace, Comfort, and Positivity

Rosa Damascena has a unique fragrance, which contains the most enchanting floral notes. Infused with nature, the scent has calming effect of human mind and body. While there are many other oils that are good relaxants, rose oil has a little different effect on the mind. Not only does it eliminate negativity, it replaces it with positivity and happiness.  It calms your nerves down and has a subtly sedating effect enough to make your forget about all the worries and stress. It has similar effect on muscles as well. A massage or bath is enough to eliminate muscle fatigue and pain. It is also extremely beneficial for sprains and cramps.

Many therapists frequently and successfully use rose oil for clients who are suffering from self-esteem issues, low confidence or social anxiety.

•    Beauty, Youth, and Vigor

Being the queen of roses, Rosa Damascena has a number of beauty benefits that are extracted and bottled in this product. Rose oil greatly improves the skin texture bringing out a beautiful rosy glow and softness. The oil is non greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin to improve the cellular health of the epidermis. Not only does it introduce more moisture, it actually allows the cells to retain more moisture and elasticity. The result is beautiful glowing skin with youthful appearance. The best thing about this all natural rose oil product is that it can be used on all skin types, making it one of the best choices for natural skin care available today.

Speaking of youth and vitality, rose oil is also an effective aphrodisiac. In ancient, rose fragrance was considered an auspicious wedding gift for the same reason. Not only does it attract attention towards you, it arouses your sensual side making love truly gratifying in every sense.  

•    Health and Wellness

With a positive mind and energized body, you are bound to enjoy the life at its fullest. However, a happy life might often get interrupted by health problems. It is no surprise that rose oil is the cure for many health issues as well. It regulates a healthy blood flow while purifying the blood with its anti-oxidant capabilities. It strengthens improves health of many organs including heart, liver, intestine, and stomach. Not to mention, it is an effective laxative that can normalize the bowel movement.

All these benefits are bottled in this vial of purest rose oil you can find. To ensure your peace of mind, the product comes with a certificate of authenticity. Order right away and get yourself all the sweet goodness of the 100 percent natural rose oil.

Active Ingredients:

100% Pure Rosa Damascena Organic Essential oil (Otto).

How to Use:

•    Use for massage, aromatherapy, and production or perfume and fragrances

•    Always dilute the rose oil with a base oil before topical application

•    Put a few drops in a tub full of water for a relaxing bath

•    Only for external use only.

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