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Pine Essential Oil 100 Pure, Pinus Sylvestris - 10 ml

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Pine Essential Oil 100 Pure, Pinus Sylvestris - 10 ml

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Achieve a purified body with Aromatherapy Pine Oil. It helps relieve fatigue as well as giving a healthy metabolism, among other benefits.


Product Description

Women often get tired of trying an assortment of treatments to get rid of acne as most of them are in vain. Same is the case with stress. Long hours and lack of sleep relinquishes all the feelings of joy and finally, the body is weighed down with fatigue.

You can get a clear and smooth skin and that too, while you relax your senses. Aromatherapy Pine Oil is known for its use in treating skin problems such as itching, pimples and eczema. Experience the strong, fresh aroma of Pine Oil and indulge your senses in the truly enticing scent. The pleasant aroma makes it a prime cosmetic ingredient in perfumes and helps create a soothing atmosphere if used as a room freshener or diffuser.

The aromatherapy oil, when used for massage, helps to alleviate mental stress and fatigue and enhances mental clarity along the way. Regular massage with pine oil can help relieve the body of joint pain and arthritis. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce inflammation. And if you suffer from respiratory problems or frequent colds, use Aromatherapy Pine Oil to get rid of those problems as well.

Pine Oil also possesses antibacterial properties that make it the best essential oil to use in case you get any infections. All in all, Pine Oil is a must have for your First Aid Kit with its wide range of benefits.

Active ingredient:

Pine Oil

How to use:

•    For external use only

•    Apply on injuries to soothe inflammation

•    Gently massage in circular massage movements

•    Dilute the oil with a base oil and apply on the body

•    For application on skin, dilute 6 drops with 15 drops of base oil

•    For massage, dilute 15 drops of the oil per ounce with base oil

•    For aromatic diffuser, drop 10-15 drops in water, shake, and disperse

•    Can also be inhaled or diffused for a pleasant affect or to clear congestion

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