Organic Rose Oil in Wooden Souvenir Vial – 0.03 oz, 1ml – Andes Roses
Organic Rose Oil in Wooden Souvenir Vial – 0.03 oz, 1ml

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Organic Rose Oil in Wooden Souvenir Vial – 0.03 oz, 1ml

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Get all the benefits of premium organic rose oil in traditional Bulgarian wooden box pack along with a certificate of authenticity confirming the originality and quality of the product.


Product Description

If you are looking for an essential oil that packs the most benefits for your health, beauty and well being – Rose Essential oil is hands down the winner. One of the most premium and sought-after oil, it is hard to find the finest and purest product. That is why, we bring you 100 percent natural rose oil extracted from the finest Rosa Damascena from Bulgaria delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity. Matching the premium quality of the oil, this product comes in a wonder wooden souvenir box making it a valuable gift for anyone who understands its true value.

Besides being an essential ingredient in many beauty and pharmaceutical products, Rose oil is also used in aromatherapy and massage. It has a very pleasant flowery scent that is said to have a relaxing impact on mind.

•    Relaxation

Masters of aromatherapy use this oil to treat depression, anxiety and low self esteem related psychological disorders. Studies reveal that pure rose oil can play a positive role in invoking confidence, optimism, and spiritual relaxation.

When used as massage oil, rose oil can work as a powerful muscle relaxant helping you find relief from fatigue. It has said to have anti-inflammatory effect in wounds and broken skin. As a relaxant, the oil tends to work like a sedative and therefore, it is highly effective in reducing the pain related to conditions such as arthritis, gout, or high fever.

•    Health

The list of rose oil health benefit is endless and if you are looking for a magic cure that will ensure your health in general, this is the product to go for. Rose oil massage woks on a cellular level to improve the blood flow and prevent issues such as hemorrhaging. It also acts as an anti-oxidant that can purify the blood and improve the liver function.

Moreover, you cannot find many oils that are as strong astringents as rose oil. Not only does it strengthen muscles, it also improves the condition of hair and teeth making them stronger from the roots. Not to mention, it can instantly improve your bowel movement and if you are looking for an emergency laxative that works like magic, this is it!

•    Beauty

Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent qualities, this oil is the holy-grail of beauty ingredients. When used topically, it quickly gets absorbed deep into the skin where it gets rid of the free radicals and impurities that hinder cell function and formation. With better cell function and faster regeneration, you will see an improvement in skin texture and tone. If you have scars and marks on your skin, you will see a visible difference in just a few applications.

Essentially, the best reason to love this oil is the fragrance itself. It won’t be wrong to call, rose oil the cupid of essential oils. Heavily used in perfumes and fragrances, the scent of pure Rosa Damascena oil is a powerful aphrodisiac. While it can help you woo the person of your choice, it can actually increase the libido to ensure you share a strong bond on mental, spiritual, as well as physical level.

For you, we have captured all the benefits of original oil of Rosa Damascena in one vial further packed in a fancy wooden vial from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo. The quality of the wooden souvenir vial is reflective of the product itself, and with us, you get the best price and great value for your money.

Active Ingredients:

100% Pure Bulgarian Rose oil

How to Use:

•    Can be used for various purposes including massage, aromatherapy lamps, and to create perfumes and pharmaceutical products

•    It is better to dilute the rose oil with a base oil  before topical application

•    Put a few drops in a tub full of water for a relaxing bath

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