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Natural Peppermint Water - 11.20 fl.oz, 330 ml

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Natural Peppermint Water - 11.20 fl.oz, 330 ml

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Experience a truly soothing sensation with the anti-inflammatory and anti-septic peppermint water in its purest form.


Product Description

There is a reason peppermint water is called the balm water in aromatherapy. The water contains the secret to offer relief from various skin related issues such as allergies and inflammation. Most importantly, it leaves you with a soothing and fresh feeling.  

The water is extracted from Peppermint or mint, an effective and therapeutic herb which provides holistic health benefits. It is frequently used in the preparation of food as well as taken in the form of tea. However, if you are feeling stressful or lethargic, a whiff of our aromatherapy natural peppermint water or application of a few drops on your skin can help clear your mind and induce freshness.

Among its many health benefits, this natural product can help cure morning sickness, heart burn, and irritable bowel syndrome. The fragrance is strong and will help clear your mind. Its use on the skin can help you restore your skin’s freshness and using it for a consistent time period can help achieve a clearer looking, smooth skin.

Our product is all natural and prepared from finest quality herb using the best distillation method. You can use our product knowing full well that it is pure and free of harmful ingredients.

So, calm and cool down all your sense with this miracle water.

Active Ingredient:

100 percent authentic Natural Peppermint Water

How to use:

•    Soak a piece of cotton ball in the Aromatherapy natural peppermint water and apply on clean face

•    Splash on the pillow and sheet and prepare for a DIY aromatherapy as you sleep

•    Can also be applied on other parts of the body for nourishment and moisturizing

•    Can be taken orally

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