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Orange Essential Oil 100% Pure, Citrus Aurantium L - 10 ml

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Orange Essential Oil 100% Pure, Citrus Aurantium L - 10 ml

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With the sweet smell reminiscent of an orange peel, Aromatherapy Orange Oil is an instant reliever from depression and fatigue.


Product Description

It is refreshing and deliciously juicy enough to uplift and create an invigorating ambiance.

The following calmness and cheerfulness it then instills makes it a perfect relaxant and mood enhancer, balancing your body and mind. Just take a whiff or a gentle massage and experience the wonders of orange oil as a tonic.

All you need to do is just breathe in the fumes of the oil and you’ll be able to experience the healing and refreshing qualities of Orange Oil. It will boost your immune system and helps settle digestive problems. It is especially useful during the cold season since it encourages detoxification.

But the best use of orange oil is that it acts as mosquito repellent. So the next time you go camping, make sure that you pack a good sized bottle of Orange Oil. And all those teenagers who are suffering from the sudden invasion of acne; just apply Orange Oil on your skin regularly, and you’ll surely get rid of all the marks and cracked skin. It will also make your skin glow along with providing anti-aging benefits.

Use it around the house to neutralize unpleasant odors and simultaneously refresh, and soothe yourself.

Active Ingredient

Orange Oil

How to Use:

•    Avoid application (even when diluted) prior to going out in sunlight for long periods

•    Add 3 to 5 drops in base oil preferably grape seed oil and massage the body

•    Put 5 to 8 drops in hot water and enjoy a relaxing bath

•    Never apply directly without diluting with a base oil

•    Can be used for head and body massage

•    Can be used in aromatherapy lamps

•    For external use only

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