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Melissa officialis L - Lemon Balm Natural Water 11.2 oz, 330 ml

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Melissa officialis L - Lemon Balm Natural Water 11.2 oz, 330 ml

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Get rid of extensive dryness and inflammation with one of the most intensively motorizing natural water used in aromatherapy.


Product Description

Does your skin need to be awakened and enlivened? The question will make complete sense if you ask it while looking at yourself in the mirror. All that dullness and those blemishes and spots – they need to leave. But you can’t always treat your skins with chemicals and strong astringent. That is precisely why you need natural Melissa water.

One of the most raved about products in aromatherapy, Melissa water is an intensive moisturizer that hydrates and tones the skin with abrasion. It is equally beneficial for hair, face, and body. You can apply it on any area with severe dryness or dandruff issue and the problem will be solved without the burning or irritation that typically accompanies stronger products including some oils. Since it is free of harsh elements, you can use it almost every day, and the results will truly astonish you.

This product is extracted from the finest Melissa officinalis, a flower known for its light yet enchanting fragrance. Melissa officinalis’ fragrance has relaxing properties and this product can be applied at night or sprayed on the bed and pillow for a perfect romantic evening, and a peaceful night.

Our products come with a guarantee of authenticity and purity. So, buy now and take your aromatherapy experience to a whole new level.

Active Ingredients:

100 percent pure Melissa water

How to use:

•    Soak a cotton ball in the aromatherapy natural Melissa water and apply on properly cleansed skin

•    It can also be applied to the hair using a cotton pad. Press gently to dandruff prone area

•    Alternatively, spray it in your surroundings for a calm and soothing effect

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