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Nature's Gift Massage Oil with Rose Oil and Vitamin E – 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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Nature's Gift Massage Oil with Rose Oil and Vitamin E – 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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Bring balance and harmony to your life with a relaxing and soothing massage oil that contains authentic rose oil from the finest Rosa Damascena from Bulgaria.


Product Description

If you asked for one product that contains the answer to all your beauty and wellness related issues, this would be the bottle we would hand you without a second thought. When it comes to essential oils, we love 100 percent pure oil from the Rosa Damascena of Bulgaria. Add a few more natural oils to this magic extract and you get benefits that go beyond your imagination. This is definitely one of the best gifts nature can give you, and we will tell you why.

First off, there is no end to the benefits of Rose oil, an effective astringent, relaxant, antiseptic, anti-allergy, toner, nervine, cholagogue, cicatrisant, and aphrodisiac to say the least. It can clam down your nerves as well as muscle while taking your energy and positivity to a whole new level. This is the holy grail of perfume makers being the most beautiful floral fragrance you can find. The fragrance has a deep impact on your senses and will leave you feeling relaxed and delighted long after the massage.

The effects are enhanced through the addition of rose-hip oil. Extracted from Rosa moschata seeds, rose-hip oil also boasts a long list of benefits including its ability to improve skin tone and texture. It helps in rejuvenating your skin while at the same time the beautiful fragrance rejuvenates all your senses.

And to top it all off with nutritional value, this massage oil is infused with Vitamin E that nourishes the skin cells and provides you a healthy glow. Now, is there are any reason left for not putting this product in the cart?

Active Ingredients

Rose oil, rose-hip oil, vitamin E.

How to Use

•    Take an appropriate amount of massage oil

•    Apply all over the body or specific area you wish to tone

•    Massage till absorbed

•    For best results, use warm oil

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