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Nature's Gift Relax Massage Oil with Lavender Oil – 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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Nature's Gift Relax Massage Oil with Lavender Oil – 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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Experience quick relief from stress and anxiety with this magical blend of the most calming and soothing massage oils in aromatherapy.


Product Description

Do you know that many therapists ask their anxiety and stress patients to imagine themselves in a field of lavender? Lavender is a flower with a scent that can relax your senses and release hormones that make you happy and energetic. It is one of the foremost choices of aromatherapists when dealing with anxiety and stress patients. Now imagine the relaxing and calming properties of Lavender oil amplified times three. That is exactly what you get with this heavenly blend of Lavender, mint, orange, and patchouli oil.

Lavender oil reaches deep into the nervous system to provide instant relief from all the symptoms of anxiety including headaches and exhaustion.  It improves brain function and heart beat and therefore plays a significant role as a cure for insomnia. The effects are not just on the mind though; Lavender oil is also a muscle relaxant and pain reliever.

Mint oil in this blend gives it a unique soothing sensation that will instantly reduce the strain on your muscles often resulting from mental stress. Orange oil has similar effects as well and its fruity aroma mixes with the floral and spicy ones to give this massage oil a truly unique and enchanting fragrance. Also, orange oil can directly influence your hormone secretion in a way that it increases the production of endorphins. So, don’t be surprised if you actually find yourself smiling a lot during and after the massage.

Last but not least, this oil will also give you all the benefits of patchouli oil, acclaimed for its power to improve mood and temperament. It is said to have an influence on your confidence and self-esteem. If you meditate regularly, then a massage with this oil will only help improve the focus by ensuring complete relaxation and stress relief.  And if you suffer from depression, then there can’t be a better option for you.

Active Ingredients

Lavender oil, mint oil, orange oil, patchouli oil

How to Use

•    Take an appropriate amount of massage oil

•    Apply all over the body or specific area you wish to tone

•    Massage till absorbed

•    For best results, use warm oil

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