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Nature's Gift Massage Oil Marigold with Vitamin E - 3.4oz, 100ml

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Nature's Gift Massage Oil Marigold with Vitamin E - 3.4oz, 100ml

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Relax and rejuvenate with a massage that improves your skin’s condition and appearance by restoring the hydro lipid layer.


Product Description

When it comes to taking care of your skin naturally, you should understand the importance of all the science in play behind the scenes. Your skin is a living, breathing organ and all the chemicals you expose it to through beauty products may harm it in ways you don’t realize. Like all other parts of the body, the skin also has a pH level that must be maintained. It that level is maintained, the essential acids create a hydro lipid layer that serves as your own natural barrier against all the adversities including weather and chemicals. Unfortunately, the chemical composition of the products we use depletes that layer, leaving the skin exposed to all the damage.

So how do you restore your skin’s natural defense? By indulging in a relaxing massage with natural and pure essential oils! This product is specifically formulated to restore that hydro lipid layer by balancing the pH level of the skin. The product is a blend of magically healing calendula concentrate, ultra-moisturizing Argan oil, and a nourishing dose of Vitamin E. Calendula oil is known for its ability to heal and rebuild the skin on cellular level. It also has detoxifying properties and plays a significant role in keeping the free radicals away.

Calendula’s effects are enhanced by argan oil, which itself is a non-greasy moisturizer with anti-aging properties. Both argan oil and Vitamin E provide cells the nourishment they need to function better and stay healthier. The result is visible in the form of instant glow and elasticity.

If you want to heal your skin and restore its natural ability to stay healthy and young, this is the massage oil you need to pamper yourself with.

Active Ingredients

Calendula concrete, Argan oil, vitamin E.

How to Use

•    Take an appropriate amount of massage oil

•    Apply all over the body or specific area you wish to tone

•    Massage till absorbed

•    For best results, use warm oil

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