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Nature's Gift Massage Oil with Eucalyptus oil – 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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Nature's Gift Massage Oil with Eucalyptus oil – 3.4 oz, 100 ml

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Stay healthy and get a relaxing relief from flu, cold, infection, and fatigue with this nature infused massage tonic made from essential oils.


Product Description

You may have heard a lot of negative stories that make you think twice before choosing vaporubs off the shelves. How about we bring you all the benefits, minus the side effects of synthetic additives and chemicals? That is exactly what you get from this beneficial blend of four essential massage oils with great health benefits.

The combined properties of Eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, cedar oil and tea tree oil make this product the perfect massage oil to cure almost all seasonal ailments, ranging from flu and cold to nausea and fatigue. The main ingredient in this bottle is Eucalyptus oil. And all of us are probably well aware of its effectiveness against allergies and cold. Almost every medicine out there has this as its key ingredient, and with this oil, you get it in its purest form, plus the additional benefits of three other oils.

Lemon oil also offers cough relief but it is more popular for its ability to ease abdominal pain and nausea. It can also help improve digestion when you are feeling bloated. Cedar oil, on the other hand, is a complete health tonic that will improve the function of all the organs when you feel a little under the weather. Similarly, tea tree oil is also full of health benefits, especially because it is a balsamic oil that allows quick and effective absorption of nutrients and strengthens your immunity against many diseases.

Simply put, this is not massage oil — it is wellness in a bottle. A massage will offer quick relief against most health issues and the lethargy caused by those symptoms. So, this is a bottle you always should keep at hand to make sure you are healthy round the year. 

Active Ingredients

Eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, cedar oil and tea tree oil

How to Use

•    Take an appropriate amount of massage oil

•    Apply all over the body or specific area you wish to tone

•    Massage till absorbed

•    For best results, use warm oil

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