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Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure, Citrus Limon - 10 ml

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Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure, Citrus Limon - 10 ml

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When you need to be fresh and truly rejuvenated, nothing can help better than citrusy and sweet aroma of Lemon oil.


Product Description

Think of all the synonyms of the word fresh, and lemon might be among the first few that come to mind. Lemon essential oil is extracted from the rind of the citrus fruit, the part we usually don’t consume but actually contains the best of its revitalizing powers. Lemon essential oil is used in many ways in aromatherapy. You can use it in lamps, in baths, or as a massage oil. No matter how you use it, the benefits are unmatched.

The best part of lemon oil is the aroma. Many aroma therapists often complain about clients with aversion to strong aromas of other oils. Lemon oil’s aroma is one that is pleasant and bearable for everyone. Even if you have a sensitive nose, this oil will be something you will enjoy. Despite this fact, the effect it has on one’s mind is quite strong. It will instantly increase the alertness and concentration level, giving you an energetic boast that will last all day long.

Lemon oil is a strong astringent and can be used to get rid of dull and dead layers of skin. It is extremely helpful in fighting pigmentation and scars. If you have oily skin, this is the oil you can use without a second though. So, are your ready for a full energy boost?

Active Ingredients

Lemon Oil

How to Use

•    Mix two drops of lemon oil with 1 tsp of base oil for massage
•    Pour 5 to 8 it in tub full of warm water for a bath
•    Add two drops in daily moisturizer for a cool facial massage
•    Always dilute before topical use
•    Use aromatherapy lamps to repel insects

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