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Lady’s Joy Shower Gel with Rosehip Extract - 8.4 oz, 250 ml

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Lady’s Joy Shower Gel with Rosehip Extract - 8.4 oz, 250 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy
Product Code: MPBG77
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Enjoy a cleansing product that leaves your body immensely moisturized while improving skin tone and texture.


Product Description

If you want to indulge in a shower experience that leaves you extremely fresh looking and fragrant within a few minutes, you need the Lady’s Joy Shower Gel that naturally nourishes, cleanses, and moisturizes your skin. treatment or the use of chemically-induced products on your skin, can leave it feeling coarse and harsh. Our shower gel formula is carefully crafted from all the right and natural ingredients that feel soft on your skin, leaving it moisturized and enriched. Made from 100 % natural products, you can shower safely with the knowledge that your skin is treated with care.

Containing the cleansing powers of Natural rose water, the product contains three highly nourishing ingredients - allantoin, rosehip extract, and alpha-hydroxy acids. While allantoin nourishes the cells repairing damage done by free radicals, alpha-hydroxy acids improves the skin tone. The highly hydrating capabilities of this product restore the moisture and elasticity of your skin making you appear youthful and fresh. The rosehip extract, on the other hand, offers both the benefit.

The rich and invigorating aroma of rose oil will have highly refreshing effect on your senses, and of those you will meet throughout the day.

After a long, tiring day, your skin deserves proper care which comes with a gentle wash. So, get this shower gel and indulge in an all-natural shower that leaves you spa fresh every day.

Active Ingredients:

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, allantoin, rosehip extract, alpha-hydroxy acids.

How to use:

•    Take a small amount of the shower gel on your loofah

•    Rub gently, in soft circular motions on wet skin

•    Wash thoroughly

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