Lady’s Joy Hair Shampoo with Natural Rose Oil and Creatine 8.5 oz – 250 ml
Lady’s Joy Hair Shampoo with Rose Oil and Creatine 8.5 oz – 250 ml

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Lady’s Joy Hair Shampoo with Rose Oil and Creatine 8.5 oz – 250 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy
Product Code: MPBG64
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Gently cleanses, moisturizes and conditions hair. It’s enriched with Natural Rose Oil and Creatine that helps maintain the hair’s healthy appearance.


Product Description

Nowadays, chemical laden shampoos have greatly damaged our hair. The harmful toxins in these products make the hair look dull, making it lose its shine, but most of all, damaging them from the inside. Identifying that your hair is dry and damaged is quiet easy but switching to healthy hair might take a lot of time and Lady’s Joy “Shampoo” can help you out.

Made from 100% natural goods, Lady’s Joy Shampoo avoids all chemicals that can easily be found in other shampoos. Its Natural Rose Oil nourishes hair, making them look shiny and healthy once again; while the Natural Rose Water gently rinses off all the dirt and impurities off your scalp. But unlike other shampoos, Lady’s Joy shampoo doesn’t dry your hair. In fact, the natural Rose Oil component keeps them soft from roots to ends.     

Creatine increases the level of DHT in the body and that results in hair growth. All these three ingredients combine to provide deep nourishment to the cells, which improves their function and make your hair stronger. Regular use of the shampoo will show excellent results and you will be quite pleased with the overall quality of your hair.

This way, you will have hair that not only looks healthy and nourished but really is. So if you are looking for the magic that can help your hair, Lady’s Joy is the answer.  

Active Ingredients

Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Creatine

How to Use

•    Rinse your hair with water thoroughly.

•    Apply shampoo on wet hair and massage to form lather.  

•    Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water to get clean and strong hair.

•    For best results, use Lady’s Joy “Hair Balsam” after Lady’s Joy “Shampoo”.

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