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Lady’s Joy Perfume Melody with Organic Rose Water - 0.06 oz, 2 ml

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Lady’s Joy Perfume Melody with Organic Rose Water - 0.06 oz, 2 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy
Product Code: MPBG76
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Treat yourself to some romantic twist with ”Lady’s Joy” Melody Perfume. This rose-centered perfume is the perfect fragrance that will keep you feeling fresh all day long.


Product Description

If you are not among those who love roses, then get ready to rethink that. The fruity floral scent of this amazing perfume will surely seduce you. Roses have been used and praised for centuries. Their skin beautifying quality has made them one of the most used products in cosmetics. With a blend of different roses, the fruity, floral scent will make you feel fresh, young and glowing. Isn’t that what all women want? 

Sweet and sexy, this rose fragrance will surprise you. The fun and fantastic aroma of this Rose perfume will make you feel sophisticated and will add a dash of romance to your life.

Sensual, sexy and rosy? What more could a girl want from her perfume? The fruity note has given this fragrance a feminine and romantic twist. You can share this with your loved ones and make them fall in love with the freshness of freshly cut roses. Made of Natural Rose Water, this classic fragrance has all that you would expect to get from the favorite flower of the season.

Women will surely swoon over this new sensation that emphasizes feminine elegance. We are already in love, so buy one and experience the magic for yourself!

Active Ingredient:

Natural Rose Water

How to Use:

•    Spray all over the body after showering.

•    Top it up throughout the day.

•    Avoid contact with the eyes.

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