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Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Toner with Black Pearl Extract – 5.4 oz, 160ml

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Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Toner with Black Pearl Extract – 5.4 oz, 160ml

Brand: Lady's Joy Luxury
Product Code: MPBG69
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Ensure healthy and beautiful skin with highly nourishing face tonic that contains collagen to fight wrinkles and sagging.


Product Description

If you want beautiful skin, you need to take care of its health. You need to provide it something regular creams and products fail to offer. You need to give it a healthy dose of tonic containing the healing, nourishing, and regeneration power of natural ingredients. You need Lady’s Joy Luxury Toner for Face - a product that takes care of your skin’s health on a cellular level. 

It won’t be wrong to call this product a bottle of youth as it contains collagen as key ingredient. We are sure you are aware of collagen, the substance that provides your skin the elasticity it needs to stay young. This product may be the best non-invasive way to regain that youthful softness and suppleness.

This tonic is a specially formulated complex of highly moisturizing and hydrating complex. Dryness and dehydration are basically the major culprits behind most skin problems, including acne and wrinkles. The key ingredients, organic rose oil, rose water, and D-panethenol provide play a significant role in keeping the skin hydrated without making it greasy. D-panthenol contains the nutrition needed by the skin cells in order to function properly. Once that happens, you can expect a clear difference in skin’s appearance and texture. The exotic black pearl extract brightens the skin tone and removes spots and scars.

If you are exhausted, it is going to show on your face. This tonic gives your tired skin an instant boost with soothing and refreshing natural mint water.  Mint water is also an astringent that not only removes impurities from the skin but also repairs the damage done by those elements.

Introduce this product to your beauty regimen and you won’t have to invest in invasive processes and surgeries for years to come.

Active Ingredients

Organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, natural mint water, collagen, D-panthenol.

How to Use

•    Cleanse your face properly, preferably with Lay’s Joy Cleansing Milk for Face

•    Spray on face as well as on neck and let it get absorbed

•    No need to rinse off

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