Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Serum with Organic Rose Oil and Black Perl Extract – 1.0 oz, 30 ml
Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Serum with Black Perl Extract – 1.0 oz, 30 ml

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Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Serum with Black Perl Extract – 1.0 oz, 30 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy Luxury
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Nourish your skin with all the essential nutrients and fatty acids in a serum that restores freshness and elasticity.


Product Description

If you are a lady who stays aware of their skin care needs, you must already know that collagen is the key to youthful skin. You must also know that collagen production slows down as we age and the skin therefore loses its elasticity and firmness. Most women will go for collagen injections, but what if you can actually increase collagen production? That is exactly what our Lady’s Joy Luxury serum for face does.

This serum contains active ingredients ceramide and sphingosines- two fatty acids compounds that not only restore elasticity of the skin, but also play a vital role in slowing down the synthesis of collagen in the skin. So, basically while it eliminates the existing wrinkles and fine lines, it also prevents newer ones from forming.

Yet, that’s not the only way this serum keeps you young. It contains the ultra hydrating powers of organic rose oil, organic rose water, and olive oil. Together, these ingredients keep the skin moisturized and hydrated, both on the surface and on a cellular level. As an astringent, rose water removes impurities and toxins and replaces them with moisture and nutrients your skin cells need to function.

Not to forget, the black pearl extract removes the pigmentation issues such as freckles and blemishes while also protecting your skin from further damage.

This serum provides all the extra care and treatment your aging skin needs to regain its brightness and firmness. Use regularly along with Lady’s Joy Luxury face cream and enjoy clear results in just a few applications. 

Active Ingredients

Organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, ceramides, sphingosines, olive oil.

How to Use

•    Cleanse your face thoroughly, preferable with Lady’s Joy Luxury Cleansing Milk

•    Apply on face and neck and gently massage till absorbed

•    For best results, use before application of Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Cream

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