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Lady's Joy Luxury Eye Contour Serum with Black Pearl Extract 1 oz 30ml

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Lady's Joy Luxury Eye Contour Serum with Black Pearl Extract 1 oz 30ml

Brand: Lady's Joy Luxury
Product Code: MPBG57
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Restore the collagen level around the eyes to regain the freshness and firmness with this magical eye serum with organic rose oil, collagen and peas extract.


Product Description

Green is always good for you. And if you don’t believe it, try this miracle cure for all your around-the-eyes aging issues. Containing all natural ingredients such as peas extract and organic rose oil, this is an ultra moisturizing product that instantly improves the appearance and texture of area around the eyes by introducing collagen to the skin.

Collagen, as you may already be aware, is what keeps the skin soft, firm, and young. The skin around your eyes typically loses the ability to produce collagen earlier than skin on other areas. While the formula enhances the ability to produce and retain a healthy level of collagen, it is created with the knowledge that sometimes you need an instant boost in collagen level.

Peas extract also plays an important role in instant firming and tightening of saggy skin. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant and will protect your skin from the damage caused by external elements. Black pearl extract, on the other hand, fights away even the most stubborn dark circles and pigmentation issues for area around the eyes. Will all these effects combined, you will witness an instant change in the texture and appearance of your skin.

Created with 100 percent organic ingredients and no parabens, this is a product that just doesn’t leave any reason to raise an eyebrow. It will provide them enough lift though!

Order now and experience the magic of nature!

Active Ingredients

Organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, peas extract, collagen

How to Use

•    Take a small amount on your finger tips

•    Apply around the eyes in gentle and circular motion

•    Let it absorb

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