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Lady's Joy Luxury Eye Contour Cream with Black Pearl Extract 0.5 oz 15ml

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Lady's Joy Luxury Eye Contour Cream with Black Pearl Extract 0.5 oz 15ml

Brand: Lady's Joy Luxury
Product Code: MPBG56
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Don’t let your eyes give away your age. Fight all the signs of aging with this premium eye contour cream containing black pearl extract and babassu oil.


Product Description

The skin around your eyes is just as delicate as the eye itself. That is why it is more prone to aging, and also why regular anti-aging products are a bit too harsh for it. Lady's Joy Luxury Cream around Eyes is based on a formula that is gentle yet highly effective for almost each and every sign of aging and fatigue. Whether you are in your twenties and are worried about dark circles and fine lines, or going on 40 and constantly conscious about the crow’s feet and sagging skin around the eyes, this is a cream that promises magical results.

The magic comes from the miraculous formula based on organic and natural ingredients that include moringa extract and babassue oil. While these oils work with rose oil and rose water to moisturize and plump up the skin, they also have the power to nourish and heal the skin cells to improve their regeneration process.  The formula helps stimulate the synthesis of collagen to restore the elasticity as well as the firmness of the skin.

As far as your dark circles are concern, leave it to the much sought-after ingredient — the black pearl extract. This particular extract has a long list of properties that range from moisturizing and nourishment to elimination of pigmentation and discoloration. It also improves the blood circulation in the epidermis to remove the bluish tint often formed under aging eyes.

Since all the products are natural, the product is completely safe for you even if you have sensitive and allergy prone eyes.

So, if you want to get the most effective eye cream, this is a product you can safely and confidently choose in a blink.

Active Ingredients

 Organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, Moringa oil, babassu oil

How to Use

•    Take a small amount on your fingers

•    Gently massage around eyes in circular motions

•    Best used before going to bed

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