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Lady’s Joy Luxury Anti-aging Face Cream – 1.7 oz, 50 ml

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Lady’s Joy Luxury Anti-aging Face Cream – 1.7 oz, 50 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy Luxury
Product Code: MPBG65
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Stay graceful and beautiful with this miraculous anti-aging formula based on exotic and organic ingredients such as Babassu oil, Rosa Damascena Oil and black pearl extract.


Product Description

Do you dread every birthday because of all the new lines and wrinkles it brings with it? Well, aging doesn’t have to be about losing your beauty and good looks. How about we introduce you to a secret formula that is capable of fighting off all the signs of aging that rob your skin off its natural beauty? Well, here it is – Lady’s Joy Anti-aging Face Cream.

The formula is created to focus on not just one but all root causes behind the process of skin aging. It keeps the skin highly moisturized and retains the water level in the cells with the help of organic rose oil, organic rose water, and polysaccharides. Rarely found in off-the-shelf products, polysaccharides don’t just hydrate the skin; they restore and empower the skins natural ability to maintain a healthy moisture level.

Moringa oil and Babbassu oil both work together to repair damaged cell and improve their function. This will start a process of cell regeneration in the deepest layer of the skin. If your skin already has procured damage, you can count on this combo to heal it.

As for discoloration and pigmentation issues such as blemishes and freckles, the black pearl extract will take care of it. With regular use, you will find a visible reduction in lines, wrinkles, sagging skins, and dark spots on your face and neck.

With this product, you can experience the joy of aging and appreciate all the good things every year brings with it. So, what are you waiting for? Order your very own fountain of youth from us.

Active Ingredients

Organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, Moringa oil, babassu oil, polysaccharides

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount of face and neck

•    Massage is light circular motions

•    Use twice a day for best results

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