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Lady’s Joy Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystals – 1 oz, 30 ml

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Lady’s Joy Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystals – 1 oz, 30 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy
Product Code: MPBG63
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Enjoy healthy and shiny hair with a miracle serum based on nano crystals formula that repairs the damage to bring out diamond like shine.


Product Description

If you are looking for a hair serum that can bring out instant shine while making your hair feel soft and silky to touch, you need to go beyond the average hair serum and conditioner formula. Bulgarian Rose Karlovo once again brings the best of nature and science to offer a product unlike any other. Lay’s Joy Hair care liquid disperse crystal is more than a permanent solution for dull hair. Infused with natural ingredients of the finest quality and nano crystal that instantly repair damages in hair shaft, this product will bring out a shine that can literally startle everyone around you,

If you have an outgoing lifestyle, then this product is a must have for you. It protects your hair from one of the biggest enemies of strong, shiny hair - the sun and its harmful rays. Not only do these harsh rays dull the appearance of your hair, making them look dry and brittle but also cause split ends. Over the long run, the damaging effects can result in hair loss and baldness. With our Lady’s Joy liquid disperse crystals, you can step out in the heat confidently and can protect your hair, providing it the nourishment it deserves. You are just a click away from obtaining the healthy hair that you always wanted.

The product contains natural rose oil that moisturizes and nourishes your roots and scalp, giving your hair the natural vitality you dream of.

So, if you desire healthy, thick and shiny hair to flaunt proudly, day or night, this is the bottle of magic you need.

Active Ingredients

Nano Crystals, Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water

How to use:

•    Take a small amount of the product in the palm of your hand

•    Apply to clean and dry hair before stepping out

•    Do not rinse hair after application

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