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Lady’s Joy Hair Balsam with Rose Oil and D-panthenol 8.5 oz – 250 ml

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Lady’s Joy Hair Balsam with Rose Oil and D-panthenol 8.5 oz – 250 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy
Product Code: MPBG62
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Nourish and restore damaged hair structure and give elasticity to your hair, with Natural Rose Oil, Keratin and D-Panthenol enriched hair Balsam.


Product Description

You might be regularly washing your hair with shampoo and applying the best conditioner in the market but is that enough? Your hair might have gotten a shiny look by now but every time you run a brush through your hair, reality comes before your eyes.

What your hair need is some protection from the harmful agents that damage your hair from the inside. They might be environmental factors or the harsh chemicals of your shampoos and conditioners might be at fault. Whatever the reason, you need a cure that will ensure your hair’s beauty and strength.

Lady’s Joy Balsam nourishes your hair’s structure from the roots and also restores it, making sure that it’s not all just for show. Natural Rose Oil makes your hair softer and manageable while Natural Rose Water adds shine to every strand. The ingredients hydrate and moisturize your hair without making them seem extra greasy. Since Lady’s Joy Balsam is available for every hair and scalp type, there’s no need to worry about any harmful effects. The all natural ingredient list will ensure that you get perfectly shiny and bouncy locks.

But the best part is yet to come. The most significant ingredient of the product is Keratin. It protects each strand by shielding it with a protective layer that keeps hair from getting damaged by the harsh environmental conditions. So let Lady’s Joy Balsam take care of your gorgeous locks from within.

Active Ingredient

Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Keratin, D-panthenol, Vitamin A

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount on damp and washed hair.     

•    Leave for 2 or 3 minutes.

•    Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

•    Best used after the Lady’s Joy “Shampoo”.

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