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Lady’s Joy Eye Contour Gel with Organic Rose Oil 0.7 oz – 20 ml

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Lady’s Joy Eye Contour Gel with Organic Rose Oil 0.7 oz – 20 ml

Brand: Lady's Joy
Product Code: MPBG61
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Hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes, in depth, with this refreshing eye contour gel containing Natural Rose Oil and D-panthenol.


Product Description

Sleepless nights or irregular sleep patterns can take a toll, not only on your health but also on your skin. And if your skin is sensitive, you will discover that dark circles can be quite cumbersome. But thanks to the formula used in Lady’s Joy Eye Contour Gel, you can take care of the delicate skin around your eyes, in the most effective manner. Specially formulated with rose extract, this wonder cream helps protect the eyes from redness and irritation, making them retain their beauty.

The active ingredient of the cream, the 100% Natural Rose Oil, deeply hydrates the skin, keeping it soft and gentle and at the same time, giving it a radiant glow. It will also help reduce the depth of those unwanted wrinkles. The moisture of your skin decreases over time and that’s why Lady’s Joy has used natural Rose Water for this eye care cream.

Other ingredients stimulate protein synthesis in the skin, which makes the delicate skin around your eyes stay firm.

So no more droopy eyes; all the wrinkles that once surrounded your eyes will completely vanish and the formula will prevent new wrinkle formation around the area. Just use Lady’s Joy Eye Contour Gel and get rid of the signs of fatigue and puffy eyelids. Let this marvelous cream help you get beautiful eyes.

List of Active Ingredients

Natural rose Oil, Natural rose water, Creatine, D-panthenol, Ceramides

How to Use

•    Take a small amount of the cream and apply gently on well cleansed skin around the eyes, using gentle massage movements.

•    For very dry skin, it’s advisable that you apply an eye cream over the gel.

•    For best results, apply twice a day; every morning and before sleeping.

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